I’m Zaelii, a 25 year old artist from the UK. Currently in full time employment but aspiring to become fully freelance with art. I have always loved drawing since a young age and over the years have become more and more passionate for turning it into my full time career.

Mostly I’m inspired by video games, but also movies, books, TV, nature and other artists. My favourite games come from Blizzard Entertainment and a lot of my paintings are inspired by or feature characters from them.

I live with my wonderful boyfriend and our little pet gerbils, Rusty & Dusty. Home is my happy place. Some of my favourite interests or hobbies are: British birds, Norse Mythology, Retro gaming (we are collecting old consoles and games!), Cross Stitching, Embroidery and of course tea & biscuits.

I will be keeping an up to date portfolio on this site and commission information.

Thank you very much for visiting!

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